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Airbnb Data Analysis – Toronto

Geovana Sousa / LearningData Data Analyses

Project Description

From data provided by Airbnb, I’ve done an exploratory analysis where I identified outliers and missing values. From this data, I’ve obtained a number of insights presented on the repository.

This study aims to analyze data from Airbnb and obtain information about prices, places, and quality in general of listings in the city. We are going to establish some basic questions and develop python codes to answer them, however, in this article, we have only the insights and results of the analysis.


  • Toronto city has more than 20 thousand listings registered on Airbnb, divided into 64% of entire apt/houses, 34% of private rooms, 2% of shared rooms, and less than 0,5% of hotel rooms.
  • The neighborhood with more listings available and reviews is the Waterfront Communities-The Island, downtown. It is known as the house of the Distillery District, the Fashion District, St. Lawrence Market, the West Don Lands, and Billy Bishop Airport, popular tourist places.

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