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Opening Jobs Report with Web Scraping


Project created with the objective of helping people find opening jobs at Indeed.
Imagine that you have a friend that is needing a job, looking everywhere and on every platform. But unfortunately, it was not successful. To help him, you decide to build a python script to scrape the Indeed website and find some jobs that match his profile. 
The specifications are:
  • Administrative or Finance assistant with no superior studies

Project Description

From the given requirements I went to the Indeed website to study how I could build the script. After that, I started writing the script using the python Selenium framework to create a user simulation and use the HTML and JavaScript from the web to find jobs that matched the description.
Following that, I created the code to save the information from the website in an MS Excel Spreadsheet, and create a canvas with ReportLab to design the report. You can see the result below.
Completing this step, I wrote the code to send the report via e-mail and to finish, automated the task in windows.
This project was divided into 2 parts because of the blog posts. However, you can find the complete Python code in the project repository. 

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