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Month: <span>December 2022</span>

Latest Projects
Web Development /
MM Marcenaria Website and Rebrand

Freelance Project where I rebranded the company created a new logo, and business card, and developed their Website using WordPress, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Web Development /
Alura Barber Shop Website

Web Full-Stack project created for a fictional Barber Shop using Django, HTML, CSS, and Javascript and Deployed on Heroku.

Web Development /
Website – Alura Recipes

Back-end Development project using Django to create all functionalities of a Recipe Website and Deploy it on Heroku.

Data Science /
Covid-19 Data Analysis

Data Analysis of the Covid-19 data, using Python with the objective of understanding the behavior of the virus around the world and in Brazil.

Programming /
Opening Jobs Report With Web Scraping

Project made with the objective of applying Web Scraping techniques to create an automated job search and send an email every 3 days using Python and Selenium.

Data Science /
Airbnb Data Analysis – Toronto

Data Analysis created to study the Airbnb statistics in Toronto and understand how the is the behavior of people who rent their places on the app.